Today’s rimfire target at 25 yards. Out of the 50 round box, there were two that had no powder. Just a soft “pip” for the report, and then you hear the bullet fall somewhere downrange. It’s extremely frustrating. Probably 10 rounds out of the box were significantly lower powered than the rest, and two demonstrated the pop… BANG phenomenon. Oh well, it is what it is. I did click on the sights a couple of time, after reviewing the week’s targets. Might need to come up a smidge.

Not a bad group with the G19, just in the wrong place. Finger could have been a little more on the trigger, and the 147’s shoot about this high anyway (I think). Only way to know for sure is to get more 124s and check.

I think 10 rounds per day of 9mm is a good balance of checking in to make sure nothing’s being lost, and keeping costs in check. I definitely should have bought less than 5,000 rounds of rimfire stuff. Quality over quantity, a lesson I somehow have to keep relearning.