This American Eagle 40 grain rimfire ammo is terrible. The shot that went low, out of the eight ring, was definitely under powered. When there’s a distinct lack of a report and recoil, there’s no telling where the round will go.

For the most part, however, today’s 50 round group was fairly tight and centered. Focusing entirely on the front sight after prepping the grip and trigger allows everything to happen as it should. Not entirely sure about what happened with the left-trending shots. They happened throughout the course of five magazines.

As far as the daily group at 25 yards with the G19, it could have gone better. Almost as soon as I started, I knew that I didn’t have enough finger on the trigger. I stayed committed, though. I also held with a dead-on 6 o’clock hold, instead of floating it underneath. Old habits die hard, and I’m just so used to shooting 124s.

For the two high shots, I distinctly focused on the coming recoil in the last moment. That always throws ’em up high.