So, it’s been three weeks since I’ve fired the G19, and almost as long with the Ruger 22/45. Life happened, and interrupted my morning firing schedule. But I’m back now, ready to get back into it.

Exceedingly pleased with this 10 shot group at 25 with the G19, fired cold. Three weeks is the longest I’ve gone in a long, long time without shooting, and it’s great to see that I remembered a lot of it. Two got away, but my grip relaxed right as those broke.

Four of the American Eagle 40 grain rounds out of today’s 50 round box didn’t have powder. Terrible, just terrible.

Fundamentals still apply: Grip the gun as hard as you can, put your trigger finger in as far as possible, take the slack out of the trigger, align the sights and make the shot. It’s simple, but it’s not easy.